What is a Power and Energy Engineer?

The predominant work responsibilities of power and energy engineers focuses on electrical systems, equipment, and facilities rather than on mechanical systems and other non-electrical systems involved in electric and natural gas energy services. This job category includes people involved in planning, research, design, development, construction, installation, and operation of equipment, facilities, and systems for the safe, reliable, economic and environmentally appropriate generation, transmission, distribution, consumption, and control of electricity.

Increasingly power and energy engineers work with smart grid technologies, such as sensors, communications, IT, and various power electronics applications. A new challenge is integration of new, more diverse resources, such as renewable generation, deferrable loads, and energy storage, into transmission and distribution grids while maintaining grid reliability, stability, resiliency, safety, and efficiency.

Is all of the activity using PES Careers recorded?

Yes. This activity includes any emails using PES Careers; however, detailed information is only accessible by PES Careers Administrators.

Do I have to be a student member of IEEE PES to use PES Careers?

No, but you are encouraged to join. Learn more

Why is this program limited to the USA and Canada?

PES Careers activity in the Europe, the Middle East, Australia and other parts of the world has been suspended. This service was offered in these areas in the past, but individuals and employers didn’t take advantage of the opportunity so activity was suspended.


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